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© Daniel Overberger.


Leaving Stress Behind - book & CD

Leaving Stress Behind: A Yoga Practice is equal parts instruction manual and personal epiphany, as author Daniel Overberger retraces his journey from pain to presence, struggle to stillness, L.A. to India, and back again.


The all-levels class (complete with companion instructional CD) and stories from India will leave you inspired and emboldened to tiptoe, walk, or run screaming out your own personal edge.


                                                     $18.95 USD


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Dharma Gypsys  - download

Dharma Gypsys: Music for Yoga, Meditation and General House Cleaning


Daniel Overberger's Dharma Gypsys came to be when Daniel’s trips to India tuned him into Hindu chanting. As he got deeper into kirtan and chanting, one question kept coming up:


“Where are the guitar solos?”


                                     $ 9.95 USD


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Vinyasa Yoga Class - video

A one hour vinyasa yoga class taught by Daniel Overberger. Recorded live at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, California. This class includes an easy beginning, sun salutations, a strong standing series and finishes with seated stretching and a relaxing final rest.




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