© Daniel Overberger.


© Daniel Overberger.

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Daniel Overberger

Los Angeles, CA


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Black Market Yoga

W   I   T   H      D   A   N   I   E   L      O   V   E   R   B   E   R   G   E   R

In 1634, Daniel Overberger’s forebears came to America on  the Dove as escaped counterfeiters. Here, they mated with members of the Yaocomico tribe of Maryland. Centuries later, it is this union of fugitive and shaman blood that runs through Daniel’s veins, injecting a much needed outlaw spirit into western yoga.


Having earned his teaching certification through his studies and apprenticeship with ashtanga vinyasa masters in Mysore, India, Daniel has been bringing donation-based vinyasa yoga to the people since 2005. The author of Leaving Stress Behind and founder of alt-kirtan group Dharma Gypsys, Daniel has been featured on KTLA news, in Tarzan Magazine (Japan) and in LA Yoga Magazine, to which he is also a regular contributor.


"You're living your dream. Don't miss it."

© Daniel Overberger.



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